When purchasing LMETA you can expect a 5% buying tax, when selling LMETA there is an 11% sell tax. The taxes provide the liquidity needed for the distribution of the 5% BnB rewards, 1% Lottery to top 150 holders and 1% to all other holders. Remaining tax will be held in reserves for future development.
LMETA has not relied on angel investors, we have brought over liquidity from the METAFACE Project and rebranded to Lucky Metaverse.
Tokens at launch have a vesting period with PinkSale for 6 Months and LP is locked for 180 days, for the irst 6 months after launch 3.3% of the total supply will be burned every month. We wanted to protect our investors from whale dumps, by burning tokens gradually will create scarcity of the LMETA Token and increase the price encouraging long term holders.
LMETA is keen to protect early contributors who participated in the pre-sale, we are providing a shock absorber against dumpers by giving you 2% of your holdings. This is locked for 2 months, also to prevent dumping.
LMETA is providing investors an opportunity to earn in multiple ways by holding, staking, P2E and purchasing/selling from the NFT Marketplace.