KYC – Passed (Doxxed with all marketing partners) Audit – Passed (Contract checker AUDIT completed, Certic Onboarding after launch)


LUCKY METAVERSE (LMETA) is an all-in-one package metaverse, p2e 3D gaming and NFT project that interacts across almost all crypto functions in a symbiotic relationship. The LMETA project combines all possible ways to earn in crypto.
LMETA is a project that combines some aspects of Dei with Meta and NFT to provide maximum opportunity for investors and game lovers to proit while being entertained.
LMETA token is a reward for passion gaming project that provide a passive earning avenue for game users in form of an in-game reward directly into their wallets in addition to fascinating game graphics.

Who is on the team? Have you all worked together for a while?

The LMETA team also known as the META GATE KEEPERS, are a team of crypto tech experts and PR from Europe and the CEO is based in Dubai. The team provided their services to the METAFACE Project with a $2.0m MC during the bull period in 2021, which is now Meta morphed in to the LMETA Project with the prospect of a $100m MC in 60-90 days.
The LMETA team trust each other to perform their roles and work towards a shared vision, together we will succeed.